Monday, June 7, 2010

Jack went to the pediatrician for his kindergarten physical and immunizations. I know, I immunize my children- oh the horrors! His physical was the full monty. Blood pressure, vision screen, turn-and-cough and a urine test.

"Okay Jack, I need you to go in the bathroom with your mom and pee in this cup."

Once we got into the bathroom, Jack asked why they needed his pee. "It's pee Mom. It's gross." I explained that they can tell if he is healthy and blah blah blah. It must have made no sense to him at all. "Mom, why do they need my pee?" I then went the rounds again and explained why. And while unbuttoning his pants, he says, "Mom, this is so inappropriate." And you know what, he is right. It's perfectly inappropriate to want to test a persons urine. It's pee for heaven's sake!

But it was all good. Turns out I have a healthy little boy who has 20/20 vision. That's a big deal to me. Daddy is legally blind. Continued proof that everything with Ethan takes longer and costs more.

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