Friday, July 9, 2010

I should post on this more often. I like having a place to write stuff that has nothing to do with food. I do that on the food blog, but I feel guilty when I do. Stupid, I know. But its a food blog and I feel like people come for the food, not my jibberish about Van getting into everything and how much I love Violet's name.

Speaking of Violet's name, I love it. After she was born, the pediatrician came to the hospital the next morning to give her a good look over and look for any defects. He came in my room and told me that she looked good and she's a healthy girl. And then he asked what her name is. I told him Violet. And he said, "How refreshing! What a beautiful name!" And I can't blame him. I am sure a pediatrician in Utah Valley has his office flooded with Breeleighs and Tambrias. Of course Violet is refreshing.

The other day, I had called the insurance company to inquire about our applications and their status. The agent I was talking to on the phone told me how beautiful the name Violet Caroline was. And I said, "I know". Because I do. That's why I picked it, silly.

Having 3 kids is more work than having 2, obviously. Laundry everyday. Getting out the door is more work and planning than the actual outting itself. And then Van who is into everything. Today's mishaps: Squeezing out the hand soap in the bathroom, unraveling all the floss (again) and taking out all the books from the bookshelf. But he is actual quite a dear. Very affectionate. Ate his breakfast (oatmeal) like a champ. He is getting so good at using a spoon. But that just means he poops more because now he is eating more thanks to improved spoon skills.

This morning, Jack was out the door and gone before breakfast. He is always leaving the damn house. I called his name over and over again and he was no where. So after Van ate, I put the babies in the car to go look for him. Having to put Van and Vi in the car just to go look for Jack really burns my biscuits. As I was pulling out of the driveway, Jack strolls up. "Hey Mom", like nothing is wrong. I told him to get in the front seat and we drove off. "Where are we going Mom?", now worried. I told him, "You are always leaving the house. So let me make this easier on you, lets just take you far away from home so you don't have to worry about leaving." I drove him to a cow pasture and told him to get out. And by then, he was at a complete meltdown. Sobbing, "Mom! I want to be in our house! I love your family! PLEASE!!!" And que the nice mom talk and conversation about leaving the house. We then drove home, with Jack in the car and all was well. Now how long until we have to do something that drastic again?

Whenever I go a day or two without sitting at my computer, I have a lot of catch up. Like tonight, I went through my Google Reader. And it was mostly crap. Read the following in a breathy, over-happy, sing-songy voice: "I love summer. I love flowers, flip flops, lemonade, rain storms and my husband." or "I love being a mother. There is nothing I would rather do. Being a mom makes me feel beautiful." Horse shit. Sure, you have those emotions, but stop making it sound like it's always like that. Summer is great, but the sweaty arm pits and bored children aren't. Jack was so bored today But I can't entertain him while I have Violet to feed every two hours. And summer is great, except for the fact that I just had a baby 2 months ago and have a very Pillsbury middle. I would look so much better in clothes if it could just be December. As for being a mom, nothing makes me look more haggard. Yes, I get dressed everyday and put on makeup. But by the time we hit the 5'oclocks, I look like a bushman. Makeup rubbed off, hair in a bun, stained clothes from Van touching me. Motherhood doesn't look beautiful at 5pm. My poor husband. Leaves a put together, makeuped wife in the morning. Comes home to a hag in the evening.

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