Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am an advocate for aprons.

I am an advocate for functional aprons. Not frilly, secksy, pointless aprons.

I do not own any pointless aprons. I own aprons with big pockets, long length and a neck strap. What in the heeeell is the point of an apron that is only covering your legs? Do you enjoy having food splatter onto your shirt? Good for you, dummy.

When I wake up, I get dressed, go downstairs and put on an apron. An apron shows the world that i mean business.

Throughout the day, the pockets become filled with the dredges of my house. Violet's rouge baby bows, used dryer sheets, pens, toy airplanes, junk mail, my cell phone etc.

It also is used as a quick wiper for Van's ever-dirty face. And it's a towel to dry my hands.

And it's a shield for my postpartum weight that has not departed.

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