Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I won't ever have a clean, organized house. It will always have toys and maple syrup smudges everywhere. I should be thoughtful and be so glad that I have these little messes to remind me of my children. But I actually hate it.

It's getting colder outside and that means it's "foot season". It's when Ethan's titanium screws in his left become everlasting cold and they make his foot ache. Because I love him, I will be rubbing his feet much more often.

Jack has parent teacher conferences tomorrow. And I am more scared than excited. I have already had to go into the school and meet with his teacher about his behavior. A little behavior contract was signed and improvement has been seen, but I am still scared for tomorrow.

I hung curtains in Van and Jack's room. Now taking guesses for when Van will pull them off the wall.

Yesterday at the bank, Van found the bank's hand sanitizer and put a ton of it in his hair.

Violet is perfect.

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