Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jack went ahead and got himself lost at the grocery store today. He thought is a good idea to just leave as I was checking out. The grocery store clerk got on the loud speaker and announced that there is a 5 year old with a white jacket lost. And then he was found in the parking lot. And he felt really stupid.

I went a volunteered in Jack's class today. Labeling things, writing on things and doing the busy work a busy teacher doesn't have time for. Jack couldn't have been more thrilled to see me there.

Jack has a new little habit. Putting his blanket in the freezer. So then when he goes to bed, he buries his face in his cold blue one blanket.

Jack has a new friend. The Loch Ness monster. A while back, I told him that he couldn't go to the park by himself because the Loch Ness monster that lived in the pond would eat him. But apparently, they are now friends. He gets home from school and immediately asks to go visit his friend, the Loch Ness monster, at the park. He says their friendship is very much along the lines of "Pete's Dragon".

Today, Van got into the following:
A big, expensive bottle of Jet Dry (all gone)
My other new fancy lotion
My jewelry box

And he also took his diaper off and took a leak on his bed.

I was going over all of this with Ethan. He really wants to know what is wrong with him. He wants a reason. He said, "Is he stupid?" I said, "No, he is two." And he replied, "So he is twopid?" I guess so.

It's baseball playoffs. And that means my evenings are nothing but TBS. Sadly, our Dodgies ended the season in a pitiful way. So we are a bit sad.

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