Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Silly boys, Jeeps are for girls"

Silly drivers, that bumper sticker is overused and not even funny.

When I look through blogs and whatnot and I see portraits of naked babies in baskets next to a river, I get really nervous. SOME ONE PLEASE GO PICK UP THE CHILD!

Child. Violet. I like her a lot, but I like her even more when she is fresh out of the tub.

I have convinced Jack that I have magic eyes that can see him while he is out playing. Like he thinks I am magic because I know when he has been at the park. But what he doesn't know is that he comes home smelling like dead fish. And that smell is a dead ringer for having been at the park. The other morning, he wanted to know if my magic eyes were working. I said yes. And he proceeded to ask the following questions:

"Is there a woman walking to the grocery store?" Yes.

"Is there a man buying a TV?" No.

"What is Sister Shin doing right now?" Making breakfast.

"What is Eli doing right now?" Getting ready for school.

He thinks I am brilliant.

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