Friday, October 1, 2010

Strolling Squared

I didn't want to give in.

The pioneers didn't have one and if they didn't, then I can certainly live without a double stroller as well.

But then a few trips to swimming lessons changed my mind. It's a Christmas miracle that Van never ran straight into the pool and drowned.

Jack had swimming lessons for a week and half. And before it started, I told myself I would just put Violet in her fancy travel system stroller and then sit with Van while Jack had lessons. FAIL. In my mind, he would sit on my lap and we would giggle and point to things and maybe have a few Cheerios. FAIL. It was more like Van skipping along the edge of the pool and screaming at Jack. And then a meltdown or two when he would be reprimanded for trying to take his clothes off.

I announced to Ethan that I needed a double stroller. I was going to need a way to restrain Van and a way to make a quick get away when he decided to give everyone a sample of his shreaking eel scream.

The good husband that he is, Ethan kept his eyes out. First on KSL looking for a decent second-hand stroller. FAIL. Next was at a swap meet he happened to be at (weird) and he found one. But the wheel fell of in mid stroll. FAIL. So I got serious and went to a real live online store. And I found one. And we are in love.

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