Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday today. Both my boys hate church.

"Van, are you excited to go to church?"

"NO! Non it!!!"

Non it means "don't want it".

Jack feels the same. To get my kids motivated to go to church, I buy them Sunday cereal. For the most part, I make boring breakfasts. Whole wheat this, yogurt that. Besides the nutritional value, I keep it boring so that they get thrilled about crappy sugar cereals. And boy do they. Some type of overly sweet, zero nutrition cereal gets them right out of bed on Sundays.

Last night, Jack wanted to go outside and play vampire. I have a Halloween box full of costumes and in there is a flowy black cape. And it's Jacks dream come true. So last night when it was dark, he ran around the culdesac (I don't feel like adding dashes to that word. Computer still on the fritz, using the friggin iPad) whilst I made dinner. When dinner was done, I went outside to get him and I hear a "BWAH HA HA! I am a vampire!" weirdo.

Btw, jack has his first loose tooth. When it was discovererd, i said to Ethan, "and this now ushers in the awkward years." his little head won't be proportionate to his big teeth.

The other day, I was day dreaming about a road trip Ethan and I will take someday. We will drive to where he served his mission (eastern Canada), just me and him. There will be no plans, just drive and take our time. I told Ethan my dream, and he loves it. Someday...

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