Thursday, October 14, 2010

Text message to Ethan:

It's a good thing it was me that just unclogged the shower drain, because if it was you, I guarantee you would have thrown up if you would have seen what came out and what it smelled like. 

And he really would have. He has a very uneasy stomach when it comes to things like MASSIVE amounts of hair and shampoo rotting in the shower drain for weeks. Postpartum hair loss is killer. I also know he hated that incredibly long run-on sentence of a text I sent him. He hates run-on sentences. 

It is fall break this weekend and I already love this no-school idea. My children all slept in until 8:45 this morning and it was delightful. I want Jack to have a good vacation and I don't have the money to take him out of town, so I just flat out asked, "What do you want to do for fall break?" Here is his list:

1. Go to Jumping Jacks.
2. Go mini golfing.
3. Hike the Y. (can I getta hell no?)
4. Make gingerbread boys.
5. Go on a quad ride with Grandma Sue.

Today, we went to Jumping Jacks and also got a cookie cutter and small piping tip for his gingerbread boys. Tomorrow is making the gingerbread boys and then going on a quad ride with Grandma. Yes, Grandma, not Grandpa. Sisters of mine- let's all get a good chuckle at the thought of Dad wanting to pilot the quad around the hills in Elk Ridge. Yeah, no.

As we were driving around in my little red car today, the radio had some song on that reminded me of this old boyfriend I had. This boyfriend was an absolute boob. He cried over everything. One time, I showed him this song, some romantic, slow type song. And after it was over, he looked at me, with tears streaming down his face, and blubbered, "Thank you for showing me that song!". When he asked me to wait for him while he was on his mission, I should have said no. But I said yes, and then I sent him Ethan's and my wedding invitation a few months later.

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