Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tonight, as I was putting my darling daughter to bed, I said to her, "Young lady, we love you infinitely." And we really do. Our little family adores that little girl. She makes us all so happy.

Church was today. And on purpose, I missed an appointment with the bishop at 8:20am. After Violet being awake for an hour at 3am, the smoke alarms all chirping and running out of batteries at 4:30am and then Jack thinking it was okay to wake up Van and watch "Karate Kid" at 6:30am- I wasn't about to try and yell at everyone to get them to the church at 8:20am. So I flaked and met with the bish after church. New calling. Enrichment committee.

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. And it totally wasn't. I put everyone down for naps and went on a wild cleaning streak. Swept, vacuumed, wiped, dusted and washed. It felt excellent. After my offspring arose, I packed them up and went to Elk Ridge to my parent's house so the offspring could make a mess there. And they did. And I made Lauren some pan-roasted garlic potatoes. Because I am nice.

Today, Van got into the following:
Baby soap
Baby lotion

You probably think I am lame for not being able to keep better tabs on Van so he doesn't get into anything.

If you ask Van what his name is, he says "Manny".

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