Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The big blizzard is, so far, very dull. I was waiting for the world to end, and it hasn't yet.

While the snow isn't out of control, the temp is. I am freezing. My nose, my ears and my arms. Maybe I should just go to bed and get warm.

There is no school tomorrow and Jack is excited to have his own plans. It includes something to do with the army.

Van ate his weight in goldfish crackers today.

Violet was in a laughing fit today. Jack was really getting her going. The girl is also getting her first tooth, and doing it like a champ. It has broken through, but her little gums are still so swollen. She has been sleeping a lot, which is cool.

Ethan is on an "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" phase right now. He has been watching all of them on his iPad. I keep asking him if he has been crying.

Tomorrow is my Thanksgiving food day. I am actually quite excited to make lots of food. I don't seem to do that anymore. Jack requested the day start with a Dutch baby pancake. And so it will.

I have still been writing new recipes. I feel like I can't just stop developing recipes. I enjoy having something turn out really good. I have written recipes for vanilla bean shortbread, chicken noodle soup and beef cornbread bake with sweet potatoes. I suppose I keep them for posterity. Or maybe someday my dreams come true and I write a cookbook.

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