Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have my computer back and I want to type.

I forgot how good I am at typing. I am about a bajillion times faster than Ethan. I have been diddling with his dumb iPad in the last month. And I have hated it. But now, I am real slick.

But although I haven't had my computer, I have enjoyed being slightly unplugged. Besides the occasional foray on the Facebook, I haven't really been on the computer. And I have loved it. It has sure been a change from food blogging, which had me on the computer a lot. Speaking of food blogging, I was scrolling through my blog a few days ago, and I was awesome. I just had to put that out there.

Remember Halloween? Yes? So do I. Jack was three different things. Spiderman at the family party, a cowboy at school and a storm trooper for trick-or-treating. He was like one of those bridezillas that has 3 dresses for their wedding day. Van was a lion (Jack's old costume) and Violet was a pumpkin (Jack's old costume, but with a big bow sewed on to make her a girl pumpkin).

Violet is currently getting chubbier, but mostly on her lower half. Junk in her trunk. I am used to my boys who have nearly no rear and narrow little hips. Violet has these thighs that look like mine and a bodacious booty.

Right now Fran Lebowitz is on Dave Letterman and Ethan and I are mesmerized by how she looks like a man and woman at the same time. That ability is sort of a talent. You just keep people guessing. Even when she talks, it's a bit of a mystery.

My last post talks about what I wanted to talk about. I will tackle that list right now.

1. We went to the "Yo Gabba Gabba" live show. And it was AWESOME. I meant the caps, every one of them. The show was so well done. All three of my children loved it. And Ethan and I did as well. Can I give you a little background- drop some names? Ethan's cousins Scott and Christian are the creators of YGG. Back a few years ago, I remember when they filmed the pilot to pitch to networks. In fact, I have a copy of that pilot. At the beginning, it was quite the family effort. Lots of cousins helped with music, costumes and set construction.

Once the show was picked up by Nick Jr., the family was buzzing with excitement. It was so nice to see the nice guys make it. Scott and Christian are just nice Mormon dads trying to provide for their families. And they were doing it!

Now, "Yo Gabba Gabba" is huge. It was so cool to sit in our seats and watch all these people go nuts for the show. During the show, Ethan tapped me on the shoulder and said, "My family is so cool." Dude, I know.

2. The flu virus. It was a bad one. I got it and then my whole family got it. Even Megan and Mark in Reno. No joke. Ethan barfed A LOT. He said he barfed so much that he was sure he was going to barf up his testicles.

3. Ethan catered our Relief Society Fantastic Friday craft night. It was incredible. Apple and sage stuffed pork loin, prime rib, bernaise sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes, buttered green beans, mixed green salad with raspberry vinaigrette and rolls from Lehi Bakery. And he loved doing it. And I love him for loving to do it.

4. Okay, the polygamist houses in Lehi. Confession: I have driven by 3 times. What struck me the first time was how many cars there are. It makes sense because there are a bunch of wives, but it was weird to see it. It's like there was a neighborhood party. Also, the houses are weird looking. Like lots of windows and lots of doors. If you would like me to take you on a drive-by, I will. Just call me.

I am sure I have more to say. I haven't had my computer in over a month! I am so pent up! I will be back soon.

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