Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturdays, I get it now.

When you have little kids not in school, everyday is Saturday. You wake up when they want, stay in PJs until you want and maybe leave the house. But then the little ones start school and you have to morph into a real live mom. This last week, it was brutal. Children were consistently up at 6am and our days were busy busy busy and I had to do the evening routine alone because Ethan was working. And then Ethan would come home late and we would sit up late and talk until I was too dazed to respond.

But it's Saturday at this writing. Got to sleep in a bit, made my children an awesome breakfast they love (Dutch baby pancakes), put Violet down for a nap and then switched places in bed with Ethan and slept for a few hours. And I woke up the happiest mother in the world. Now, I am on my bed with my laptop, a few chocolate truffles and a diet Dr. Pepper. And the wind is howling outside. And the boys are playing nicely together downstairs. Actually, strike that last one from the record. The boys are downstairs screaming at each other. So I supposed I can't have it all.

Last night, I went to my sister's high school play. I am still convinced Lauren is 10 years old, but alas, she is 18. She was Polly Baker in "Crazy For You". And she owned it. She was definitely the most skilled cast member. Ethan and I snuck in lots of treats for the show so we enjoyed it even more.

After the show, we stopped into Outback for some late dinner. And hot damn, it felt so good to sit across the table from Ethan. No children interrupting me for a fork, a glass of milk or complaining about food. I sat in our booth cross-legged and ate as slow as I wanted. A well-done bloomin' onion and tilapia with lump crab on top and finished a Chablis sauce. It was one of the most delicious things I have had in a while.

We talked about all sorts of things, one of them being our Outback phase we had with my in-laws a few years ago. When we lived in California, Saturdays were Ethan's busiest work day. Once all the catered events had gotten started and were running smoothly, Ethan, his mom and dad and I would meet at Outback in Covina. We did this consistently for a few months. And we never got sick of it. During our dinner last night, Ethan and I laughed about how Ethan's mom always orders her salad with two dressings, on the side. And we laughed about Ethan's dad always asking the server to have the chef burn his veggies. And then we remembered how at dessert, we would just order one of everything and all share. While talking about all of this, my poor husband was missing his family so much. I feel sad that we aren't going down there for the holidays. I know he misses messing around with his brothers and harassing his older sister.

After dinner, we drove home and talked about how I found all the love letters from him in my sock drawer the other day. The Valentines letter from 2009 is quite sad. It's apology after apology for his feet having been such a problem and then promises that he would get us back "on our feet", so to speak. It makes me really happy that he kept his promises.

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