Thursday, November 18, 2010

Told you I would be back soon.

Revelation: CLR works wonders on hard water stains on windows. My sliding glass door and backyard window get a beating from the sprinklers and collect lots of hard water stains. I tried all sort of cleaners to try and get rid of them, but then my mom suggested CLR. And the windows and doors became effortlessly clean. So none of this newspaper-to-clean-windows BS. CLR. Now I want to clean my bedroom windows, but that would require a really tall ladder. Maybe borrow my mother's? Funny how I say my mom's ladder and not my dad's. That says a lot about my parents.

Jack is still intensley into anything military. Today he said this:

"Mom, the captain's boss is the colonel and the colonel's boss is the general. The general's boss is the President of the United States and his boss is Jesus Christ and Jesus's boss is Santa Clause."

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