Thursday, December 2, 2010

I get a lot of advise from older moms and I don't mind a bit. The Wal-Mart checker telling me my young mom years will be gone in a flash. The silver-haired old woman with arthritic hands giving me tips on teething. The woman at church who sees me bouncing my baby and tells me to enjoy it now. I like their gentle reminders. I have found that that the gentle advise comes from older moms and the obnoxious, pushy advise comes from younger moms who "know everything". But I like the older moms. I see their wisdom and gladly drink from their well of tried and true knowledge.

But today, I will not miss naked Van handing Ethan his poopy diaper and then revealing the poopy foot prints on the floor. I will not miss Violet crying for over an hour last night while I made a birthday cake and dinner. I will not miss having to put Jack into his room for yelling at me that he is sick of me talking to him.

What would I miss? What would I want to soak in as much as I can?

Violet starting to sit up by herself. She totters precariously on here wide rear as she tries to keep her balance. The way she sleeps with her neck turned all the way up because she fell asleep staring at the glow of her heater. And I also want to relish in her giant thighs and the way she looks when she is only in a diaper and standing up. The girl has THIGHS.

I wouldn't ever want to forget the way Van demands to do things on his own. "Ah doot! Ah doot!" I want to always remember the way he won't eat snacks out of his hand and always has to have a bowl. And I hope I never forget how he puts himself in time out and spanks himself when he has been naughty.

And of course Jack. How could I ever forget that boy's passion. He doesn't just play army, he lives it. I don't ever want to forget his swagger. I am telling you, the kid has swagger. And I want to enjoy that he still likes to get in bed with me in the mornings and cuddle with me. I know those days are numbered.