Friday, December 31, 2010

I really like Jack having two weeks off from school. We have the most enjoyable mornings. It's 10pm and I am still in my pajamas and so are my children. I can't wait for summer. This morning during the breakfast prayer, Jack said, "Please bless we can play in the snow today. And please bless summer will come really soon so we can play outside all the time." And Ethan would have probably said the same thing. He is hating the snow and keeps reminiscing about last summer and mowing the lawn.

Tonight is New Year's Eve. And we are going to have a lovely evening, at least I would like to think we will. I researched foods that bring good luck for the New Year. Apparently pork does. So I want pork tenderloin. We will have dinner, play games, do some fireworks and then put the babies to bed and watch a movie. It sort of bums Ethan out that we stay home on New Years. But dude, we gots kids.

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