Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's over.

And I am sad about it.

Christmas was wonderful. My children got some awesome gifts and so did I. We ate awesome food and hung out with awesome family. All through December, I tried really hard to phase out as much Santa as possible and phase in Baby Jesus. We didn't see Mall Santa, we didn't write letters and we didn't talk about him too much. And the reason is that I like Baby Jesus more than Santa. On Christmas Eve, Ethan read Luke 2 instead of "Night Before Christmas". It was perfect.

Also on Christmas Eve, we had the dinner of my dreams. Candles, bubbly, goblets, gravy and brussel sprouts doused in browned butter that made even my vegetable-averted husband swoon. We ate by candle light and my boys loved that. Ethan and I sat at the table as long as we could stand it. We ate and ate and talked and talked. And then we forgot about the pumpkin creme brulee in the outside fridge that I had made earlier that day. But I don't really care that we forgot. I forgot to strain it before baking it, so it was probably gross anyways.

For Christmas, I got a 6.5 qt enameled cast iron RED dutch oven. I am the type of gal that will use that thing on a weekly basis, multiple times. I didn't want it because it is cool and looks pretty on the stove. I got it for succulent braised short ribs. My maiden voyage was creamy chicken and rice soup for soup dinner on Christmas night at my parent's. And it was a total success.

Oh! I guess what, we had a break-in the day after Christmas! You hear that? SOMEONE BROKE INTO MY HOUSE!!! Around 10 pm on Sunday, some morons looking for drugs broke into my house. We knew they were looking for drugs because our medicine cabinet was messed with. The cops said this is a common occurance. The bandits threw all my jewelry on my dresser and went through our nightstands and our drawers. And whoever it was, they are stupid. I have a few pieces of really expensive jewelry and they didn't even take it. Actually, they didn't take anything and nothing was broken. I was smart a few months ago in getting rid of all our prescription pain medication from my pregnancy. I gave it to my mom who gave it to the pharmacist to destroy. If I had kept it and the bandits would have taken it, they would have known I was a target and they might have come back. So get rid of your drugs people.

Tonight, the holiday festivities continue with dinner with my five sisters and mom at Communal in Provo. Instead of giving each other gifts, we settled on dinner out together sans children and husbands. And by the way, all of this was decided between approximately 100 emails. Caitlyn, I think you win the award for most e-mails sent.

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  1. i'm glad you had a nice christmas ... sorry about the break in. SCARY!! i'm gonna go gather my old perscriptions and drop them off at rite-aid later today. i'm glad no one was hurt and nothing was taken or broken ... but still. violated and scary!!