Saturday, December 18, 2010

This evening, I took my children to go see the Christmas lights at Thanksgiving Point. Sadly, Daddy was away wowing people with his pulled-pork sliders with spicy mayo and other thrilling appetizers.

After dinner, I bathed them and got their jammies on and put on their coats. But by the time we got to Thanksgiving Point, Van and Violet had checked out. So it was just me and Jack. And we both had a great time.

The waiting line was like 20 minutes long, but we didn't care. We chatted and chatted about all sorts of things and ate candy canes. One of my favorite things was this:

"Jack, do you think army guys could hide in those bushes?"

"No (giant grin), they are only in Salt Lake." (He is thinking of Hill Airforce Base)

"Son, didn't you know that Camp Williams is right over there? It's for the National Guard. It's another branch of the military. Did you know about the Natio-"

"Yes MOM. They are the guys that guard people and hide in corners."

Once we finally made our way to the lights entrance, our conversation was all about the lights and we were in awe. And Violet and Van snoozed. It was so nice to sit with my boy and just enjoy him. I do not get to do that enough.

The last little sit I had with him was when we both ended up taking a Sunday nap in my comfortable bed. I climbed into bed and I said, "Jack! We haven't snuggled and taken a nap in a long time! I am so glad we get to now!" And he smiled his little only-top-teeth smile and said, "I know Mom. I love you. If someone tried to come in and steal you, I would punch them in the heart to their back and then cut their head off and eat their meat."

He loves me.


  1. Your little Jack is hilarious and adorable. :)
    Glad you two had a fun time together.

  2. clearly, that boy takes guarding and army-ing seriously.