Monday, December 6, 2010

This morning I cleaned the Lord's cafeteria. I was hoping that I would walk into the basement of the Mount Timpanogos Temple and the security guard would say something like, "Sister Ingram! We have been waiting for you! You are to head straight to the celestial room. They have a ladder waiting and they would like to you to clean the Lord's chandelier." But no, I cleaned the cafeteria dining room. I might sound like I am complaining. I am not. It was so nice to get to clean the temple this morning.

I have a Christmas tree now and it's absolute chaos and one of the coolest trees you will ever see. I hope you get a chance to come to my house and look at all of my random, rad ornaments. I haven't unwrapped those ornaments in 3 years. It was fun to go through them with Ethan and remember all of them.

I made an honest effort today to be as patient as can be with my children. It went well. And I made Jack think I am nuts. He was preparing to throw himself on the floor and cry when I asked him to clean up his toys before dinner. But I just stopped in the middle of the room and folded my arms, bowed my head and prayed for patience in that very moment. I got the patience I wanted. And also a very puzzled look from Jack. The puzzled look produced a cleaning child and all was well.

Today was one of the first days of me really taking advantage of Violet being able to sit. She sat on the floor a lot and played with toys. She sat in her high chair and ate roasted fingerling potatoes. She sat in the hallway while Van took a bath. She is a sitting fool. I love being able to plop her down on her wide caboose and let her play while getting something done. The girl is 7 months. My favorite age.

While putting up Christmas ornaments tonight, I helped Ethan come up with an incredible menu for a Sundance Film Festival event. Scallop and coconut curry shooters, chorizo spinach artichoke dip, caprese minis, asparagus and puff pastry with lemon herb aioli, olive and roasted red pepper crostinis. Sometimes, we are a coupla geniuses.

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  1. I love finding new friends that are nearby. I liked the part about praying for patience. Perhaps I should do that several times through out my day with my kids. At least it'd remind me to stop and give myself a few seconds of time out before I reacted.

    And uhm, now I'm hungry. The menu sounds delish.