Thursday, December 23, 2010

Today has started off so excellent. Van has already taken his clothes and diaper off. Jack has thrown up. They have fought incessantly over trains. Jack has complained about breakfast. And Van has screeched and screamed at everyone multiple times. And then Violet has been perfect. Everything is normal.

Last night, I filled my car with Christmas secrets. And it wasn't until then that I truly felt the Christmas spirit. It was raging through me after I left Target. I called Ethan to tell him and he said, "You feel the Christmas spirit? What, has someone flipped you off in the parking lot?" Poor Ethan seems to get all the mean people fighting him for parking spots.

I wrapped all my Christmas secrets last night and hid them under my bed. I can't put gifts under the tree. I am almost certain my boys would unwrap them at their earliest convenience.

Today is grocery shopping for holiday vittles. For the first time in my marriage to Ethan Daniel, he isn't working on Christmas Eve. Since we get to have him instead of those rich people in Southern California, we are going to have a nice, fancy Christmas dinner. Well, not too fancy. But gosh damn it, we will have candle sticks. And they will be lit. And then most likely blown out by Van before dinner has even started.

Our Christmas menu is this:

Mixed baby greens with bacon, pears, pomegranates and cider vinaigrette
Roast chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy
Roasted brussel sprouts with browned butter and walnuts
Rolls from Lehi Country Bakey (if they are open)

And then pumpkin creme brulee for dessert

And of course, some type of fizzy, bubbly cider. I think I might even go to Ethan's storage unit and get some glass goblets. You know, so Van can break one.

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  1. break in? what the what?
    that's nuts.

    we read luke 2 also. don't even own the night before christmas book:)