Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WANTED: An explanation for why Van is always taking Violet's socks off and putting them in the fridge.

WANTED: People to stop irritating me all the time.

WANTED: About $1,000,000.

WANTED: A new car with every bell and whistle available.

WANTED: A lunch date with a different friend every single Saturday.

WANTED: A basket full of patience.

WANTED: A Van translator.

WANTED: A solution to helping my child not be so disrespectful to the teachers at school.

WANTED: A gift certificate for infinite birth control.

WANTED: Lots of money to get all my dental work done.

WANTED: A freaking vacation.

WANTED: A stretch mark eraser.

WANTED: Caitlyn to come over to my house and do my hair everyday.

WANTED: A Sonic Route 44 diet Coke with vanilla.

WANTED: Yellow curry from Rosie Thai in Glendora.

WANTED: To go to California for Christmas.

WANTED: A white Christmas if I have to be in Utah for Christmas.

WANTED: More time to work on my cookbook project.

I complain a lot.


  1. I like your complainings. If you were closer I'd TRULY consider doing your hair everyday. So move.

  2. You weren't complaining. You were just simply stating the things you want. No harm in that. I might do the same!

  3. not complaining ... those sound like reasonable requests to me ...