Sunday, January 30, 2011

Children are sent to us so we can teach them and raise them. But in the 5 years I have been a parent, I have learned that maybe the opposite is more important. I have learned so very much from being a mother. Besides learning how to be really good at dishes and mopping, I have also learned how to care for a sick child and how to live off of very little sleep. The learning doesn't stop and I keep realizing that all the time. 

Today's I realized why Jack is my son. The boy is mine so that I can learn patience. 

That Jack- I adore so much about him. He is funny and clever. He is a thinker. He loves people and parties. He is dedicated to his hobbies. He fiercely loves his sister and brother. He dream day is spending it with his daddy. He enjoys being in the kitchen with me. He plays hard and works hard. 

But gosh darn it, he can talk back like a teenager. He relishes pestering his brother. His pastime is ignoring my requests. He has an spectacular knack for irritating his loving mother. 

I hate to admit that he makes it really easy to want to hit him. And there I have been times that I have been too rough and have had to apologize to him with tears running down my face. It has been so humbling to have to apologize to my little guy. 

With how easily it is for me to lose my patience with Jack, I am now understanding that one of the reasons he is here is so I can improve upon that. I think with a solid realization of that, I will be better at it. Please bless I am right.