Friday, January 14, 2011

A few months ago, I found Jack's old pair of overalls and I knew Van would look so cute in them. So like an idiot, I tried to put them on him. You would have thought I was trying to dress him in a straight jacket. He screamed, cried and made himself look like a nut case. Obviously, I gave up on the overalls and I haven't tried since.

Since the boy seems to take issue with clothing that covers most of his little bod, I assumed that he would also hate footed jammies. So all of the hand-me-down footed jammies for his size, I just left them hanging up in the closet. One night, Daddy Darling put them on him. And oddly enough, Van loved them a lot. Since they are warm, I asked Ethan to get him more when he was at Costco. So he came home with five pairs.

Turns out that the more Van wears them, the more he doesn't want to wear anything else. Most days, he get to about 2:00 pm before he asks to put his jammies back on. So we go everywhere with him wearing his footed jammies. Grocery store, library, Target, friend's houses, Grandma's house, church activities. If Van was my first child, I think I might care more about hauling my child around town in his jammies. But maybe because he is my second, I don't.