Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heartbreak for a mother of three is packing everyone up, driving to the favorite grocery store 20 minutes away and then realizing you forgot your grocery list. Ended up getting the boys donuts and then driving home to get the list and driving back to the store.

If there was a way for me to make Van a Bat Cadet, I would. He is a big Aquabat fan. BIG. We get in the car, "Ma! Aukabats! Soopa Wad!" Luckily, Daddy Darling went through a big ska phase in high school and we are well outfitted for Van's Aquabats cravings. Jack, on the other hand, likes The Carpenters. And if I want to irritate him when we disagree about something, I sing, "Can't we stop- hurting each other? Gotta stop- hurting each other."

The cookbook is rolling right along. I have a weekly goal of doing initial development and testing of three new recipes a week. I don't feel overwhelmed unless I think of the larger picture. But then I have to bring myself back down and remember to focus on the recipes first. Oh, and guess what, I met with my photographer. Her name is Sheena and her food pictures will make you cry. Sheena? Am I allowed to announce you are the photographer and stylist? Well, I just did. She is just as pumped about this project as I am. The other night after our meeting, I drove home with Vampire Weekend turned all the way up. I rocked out all the way home, my mind just reeling with excitement. Her and I are going to put out an awesome product. Our first shoot is this next week. Most likely, we will blog the process somehow and most likely, I will have to resurrect Rookie Cookie in some form to be able to do that. Still deciding.