Monday, January 31, 2011

I am fairly sure that Violet's babbling is starting to become more defined. I am almost positive she says "mama". I am not one to try and convince myself of something like that just to prove a point to Ethan or something stupid like that. She loves her whole family so very much. But there are times when I walk in the room or she catches my eye when I walk past her and she really does say "mama". I hope it's truly on purpose. Don't girls generally talk sooner than boys?

On Friday, I went up to Park City to the Sundance Film Festival. It is actually the Sundance People-Watching Festival. There are some real weirdos that go to the festival. And some real Summer's Eve's. (I say Summer's Eve because I hate the words "douche bag". I think that some people truly merit that title, but I just hate saying it. So Summer's Eve is a nice substitute).

My husband did a few events at the festival. And might I brag that they did say that he was the favorite caterer there and everything went perfectly. With a husband who has the hookups at an event like this, I would be stupid not to take advantage. It is always nice to go check out any events that Ethan does and see how things taste and look. And it's also nice to get away and have a babysitter.

Besides people watching, there is also eavesdropping. While walking up Main Street and inhaling more cigarette smoke than air, Ethan and I heard this gem from some guy talking to a girl on the street. "...we thought there would be some raw gypsies running around f$#%ing each other."

I am going to text that to Ethan periodically. Because I like sending him obnoxious text messages