Thursday, January 20, 2011

I wish efficiency wasn't so efficient. I wish I could still get a lot done while being lazy.

Tonight, while doing din-din dishes, I sat down the gents and gave them milk and cookies. Jack was enjoying every morsel and then he said, "Mom, what if cookies were poop and we still loved cookies?"

The sun shone in a very summer-esque way this afternoon. Jack was literally beaming. He lives to be outdoors and winter has really cramped his style. But today, today was beautiful- cold, but beautiful. He coated up and went outside to enjoy some vitamin D. I joined him for a bit and it was nice to feel the sun on my face. While he was outside, we made a little video of him practicing on his skateboard.

And don't bother looking at the other videos on my YouTube profile. They are all of my children doing very mundane things. Well except for this one. I am pretty sure anyone would think this was cute.

After Violet's afternoon nap, Van and I sat on her bedroom floor and read books. We went through a book of animals and every time we got to a horse, he said it was a goose. When told it was a horse and not a goose, he demanded it was a goose and I was a liar.

Dinner tonight was one of the most delicious meals of all time. Lemon parsley risotto with roasted shrimp and mixed green salad. Oy vey. I don't often over eat, but I sure did tonight. You know the drill, "just one more bite. Just a small one. And another small one." And then before you know it, you are stuffed, but still eating. It's a terrible, wonderful, delicious cycle. Another fan of dinner was Violet. Text to Ethan:

"Most babies are eating jarred mashed peas for dinner tonight. But ours is eating lemon risotto and LOVING it. You should see your baby girl scarfing right now."