Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's lunch time.

We just sent Daddy Darling out the door to work. Big weekend. Sundance Film Festival. Ethan is catering two events tonight. He LOVES doing this type of catering. Famous people catering. He has a bit of a crush on any celebrity. The menu tonight is an assortment of fancy appetizers. Last night was another appetizer event and he had leftovers that he brought home of red curry coconut sauce with shrimp and rice. It is delicious. But I would have used more red curry paste, but that's just me. Don't take offense honey.

We recently found a big solution to Jack's neighborhood-roaming problem. Walkie talkies. We found some Motorola ones on sale for $20 after Christmas. So he keeps one in his velcro pocket and I keep one on the counter. It has worked really well so far. I really like hassling him with the walkie talkie, "Hey Jaaaaack, come home! You pooped your paaaaants!" He hates when I do that.

This morning, I made a big batch of granola. I must say it is tasty. My boys love it. But they keep taking handfuls of it and they get granola all over the floor. It's time like this, and times when we eat rice for dinner, that I wish we had a dog.