Saturday, January 1, 2011

Last night during New Year's Eve dinner, Jack told us about a dream he had. I was driving a tank and running over Ethan. In the dream, Ethan kept begging for mercy, but I was like Cruella DeVil and I just kept on. So subconsiously, what does Jack think of his parent's relationship?

We had a delightful New Years. Pork tenderloin with bearnaise sauce, roasted brussel sprouts with browned butter and roasted fingerling potatoes. Lots of roasting going on. Which means that dinner was a lot easier than it sounds. We also had chocolate cake for dessert and shrimp cocktail for appetizer. We played Candyland and Chutes and Ladders and also has fireworks in the 5 degree weather outside. My little Jack isn't the most appreciative little beast on the planet, but when walking upstairs to go to bed, he turned and said, "Mom, this was the best New Years ever. Thank you." I know, amazing, right?

But then he threw up on his bed. He has actually done that often in the last week and a half. So as an experiment, I am taking him off all dairy and he is eating a mild diet of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. I am almost certain it is milk that is causing the problems, we will see.

Have I told you about Van's fort obsession? It is fierce. All blankets and towels are draped over chairs and he hides under them. At the end of the day, I fold a lot. The real problem is that he doesn't say "fort", he says f@#$. So when he wants to make a fort he says, "Mom, make f@#$?"

On a completely different note, my New Years resolve is to stop swearing so much. I have a dirty mouth and it needs to be cleaned up.

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  1. wendy will sometimes tell me "That was the best ______ ever!" i love it. i think THAT is the best ever.

    ps. someday, she needs to have a playdate with van. or maybe lots of playdates.