Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Last night, Ethan's darling sister Stephanie came over to take care of our children while we went out on a date. Every time she walks through our door to take care of our babies, I am filled with such gratitude for someone in our lives that I can completely trust with our greatest little treasures. She loves them almost as much as we do.

Ethan and I put on our warmest coats, kissed our children, thanked Steph and then went out into the frozen cold in search of some dinner to celebrate Ethan's arrival to the age of 30. We drove to Salt Lake, talking about all sorts of things. Babies, pap smears, Jack's school, the Sundance Film Festival, and being 30. I kept telling him that being 30 was so great. He has accomplished so much in only 30 years. He has 3 children, almost 8 years of marriage under his belt, owns a business he can be proud of and has trudged through some ridiculously hard trials and come out victorious. 30 is something to be proud of.

Once we got to Salt Lake, we couldn't decide where to eat. I kept telling him that it was his choice because it was for his birthday. But then I quietly said, "I really like steak". And then he didn't hesitate to head to Flemings.

We had the longest, most delightful dinner. I think we sat there for 2 hours. We dined on steak, scallops, puttanesca relish, house-made Ranch dressing, chocolate cake and Chantilly whipped cream. And then there was this Champagne-infused feta butter that Ethan couldn't get enough of. But there was also this risotto under my filet mignon that was perfected seasoned and absolutely delicious. We shared bites and talked and talked. It was perfect. The exact type of date I like with Ethan.

We drove home in the freezing freeze and kept talking about the food. And at one point, I remember I felt so grateful for being so compatible with Ethan. Sure, we have had our arguments, but they don't matter. I love him and he loves me. I am the funniest person he knows and he is funniest person I know. It works. And knowing that makes me incredibly happy.