Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Right now, the two littles have a fort. Violet is sitting under there screeching and talking. Van is "fortifying' the fort with additional couch pillows. I realized that Van doesn't make forts to sit in them, he builds them to keep improving them. Remodeling them. He is a builder.

Jack is still barfing, every night. We went to the dr. yesterday and we are started on a probiotic approach first and then if that doesn't work, we are onto a full body workup. And that is when I will start crying about all of this. Two weeks of throwing up. Unreasonable amounts of laundry.

I still haven't taken down my Christmas decor. The tree was down a week ago, but I like my Christmas stuff, so I haven't taken it down yet. I have to do it by Ethan's birthday on the 9th. Or not. I don't think he cares.

I gotta go. I am making lunch. And it's a weird one. Shrimp cocktail, because I love it, baked potato wedges and hummus and veggies. I hope my children remember me for the weird lunches I make for them.

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