Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Right now, the two littles have a fort. Violet is sitting under there screeching and talking. Van is "fortifying' the fort with additional couch pillows. I realized that Van doesn't make forts to sit in them, he builds them to keep improving them. Remodeling them. He is a builder.

Jack is still barfing, every night. We went to the dr. yesterday and we are started on a probiotic approach first and then if that doesn't work, we are onto a full body workup. And that is when I will start crying about all of this. Two weeks of throwing up. Unreasonable amounts of laundry.

I still haven't taken down my Christmas decor. The tree was down a week ago, but I like my Christmas stuff, so I haven't taken it down yet. I have to do it by Ethan's birthday on the 9th. Or not. I don't think he cares.

I gotta go. I am making lunch. And it's a weird one. Shrimp cocktail, because I love it, baked potato wedges and hummus and veggies. I hope my children remember me for the weird lunches I make for them.


  1. shrimp cocktail? I'm coming over for lunch.

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  3. poor jack. wendy has the opposite problem in the opposite end of her body - she won't go number 2 for like 6 days at a time. it gives her a lot of pain. but i wouldn't trade you. i hope they figure out what's going on and jack feels better soon.

  4. catching up after a long christmas hiatus.

    our baby jane barfed or had explosive diarrhea or both (most common) for 12 days at christmas. we took her off dairy and did the BRAT diet too, and it eventually stopped. i hope it does for you too. and the laundry? i totally hear you. ridiculous amounts.