Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today Jack found himself at three different choosing opportunities. At these three crossroads, he chose the wrong choice each time.

Be reverent in church or be irreverent and have to take a nap after church.


Sit at the table and color while my visiting teachers were here or be obnoxious.


Eat dinner and get to stay up later or throw it in the trash and lie about it.


I was so sad he kept choosing the wrong choice and he cried about the consequences.

When I tucked him in bed, I laid down with him for a bit and we talked about his poor choices today. I tried to capture the moment and talk about what consequences are.

"Jack, what is a consequence?"

He says, "Well, it's when we have three toys. One is an army aircraft carrier, one is an army boat and one is an evil boat. On the evil boat, there is an evil captain and he wants to kill the good guys...."

He proceeded to go off on a tangent about toys and the army. So consequence talk was a fail.

After him and I chatted for a while, I kissed him, pulled up his covers and said the usual. "Jack, you are incredible. You are funny, smart, handsome and I am glad you are in our family."

"Mom, if I died, bury my body in the ground and then make a little statue of me. Put the statue on top of the ground and then whenever you miss me, just go see the little statue of me and have a little bit of a cry."