Monday, January 17, 2011

Today started off with a messy kitchen because I was too tired to clean it up last night. It also started with Jack spilling apple juice on the couch and me instating a big fat "NO FOOD IN THE LIVING ROOM!" rule. Please bless I can stick with it.

After my morning began, I woke up Ethan and switched places with him in bed. I fell asleep and took the best MLK Jr. Day nap ever. It was rock solid. Unfortunately, I was woken by my alarm who told me it was time to go out to lunch with my mom and sisters. I know, rough life. So I brushed my teeth, didn't take a shower and brushed my hair. I got Violet ready to go, grabbed a big fat piece of peanut butter chocolate fudge and a diet Dr. Pepper and headed to the car. While I drove, I chatted with my sister Megan, because I only call her when I am in the car alone or with just Violet. We talked about how I need a hands-free headset. Ethan? Did you hear that?

Lunch was a delight. Pizza and salad at my BIL's new work. Violet ate pizza crust and was a doll.

On my way home, Ethan and I were on the phone as we both drove home from our respective outings, and he stops in mid-conversation.

"Whitney! There is a moving truck in front of Robin's!"

"Who is Robin?"

"Robin! From 'Sister Wives'! And the truck is backed up all the way to the garage, like so no one can see in!"

"Ethan, we did the same thing when we moved. It makes it easier to load the truck."

"No we didn't. They are hiding something."

Yep, that's my husband ya'll.