Saturday, January 8, 2011

You know what is wonderful? The quiet after a trip to the library. The boys sit on the couch for at least a half an hour and go through the huge pile of books we got at the library. Jack is completely silent, but Van is reading to himself. "Cat go bah? No, non it! Bugga push fis. Occapus fick em."

The last few days have been record-breaking dull. Jack hasn't been himself, the weather has been a frigid bitch and we have had nothing to do. Last night, I made a motion that we leave the house and do something. Anything. Since it is free, we decided on the library.

Before and during the library, Jack complained about how his stomach hurt. He didn't look good at all. But I made him get ready anyways and come. At the library, he just laid on the little couch. After, we drove a block down to Emmett's and Ethel's for ice cream. When we were there, I told Jack to go sit on the john and take five. He then came running out of the bathroom a new boy and loudly proclaimed, "Mom! I feel all better! And it was regular poop!" And I gave him a high five.

Before we got ice cream, Van told me he wanted blue bubble gum ice cream. Well, he couldn't have been more pissed that the bubble gum ice cream was pink instead of blue. But after a bite, he was over it. Violet enjoyed bites of hot fudge sauce from my ice cream. She was squealing and smiling more than ever.

After ice cream, I took my car through the car wash. That is always mixed emotions among the children. Jack thinks he is some kind of car wash veteran and he tries to coach Van through his fear of the high-pressure water sprayers. Violet cries because the car is stationary. She prefers a vehicle to be moving if she has to be in it. While sitting in the car wash, somehow I was thinking about how I cleaned the shower last night. And I starting thinking how brilliant a shower wash would be. Like an inside out car wash you park in your shower and it just sprays the heck out of it with it's fancy spot free rinse and power sprayers. Brilliant, right?

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