Monday, February 28, 2011


Today I decided to wow myself with errands.

Costco for formula, Jack's class birthday treat and skim milk
Kohl's for an exchange (I so rudely over-estimated the size of Violet's caboose)
Old Navy to search for white ballet flats for Violet (fail)
Sonic for gross lunch for my boys
Grandma's in Elk Ridge to put together Jack's birthday party invites
Deliver Jack's birthday party invites
Jack to reading group at the literacy center
Payless to search for white ballet flats for Violet (success, but they are silver)
Sonic for a giant drink

And applause to me, I still made a good dinner.

I am a home body. So a day when I am gone from 10 to 5 is horrible. But I got a lot done. Like you care.

I am mentally spent. So tonight, I am going to only read the boys one book and then let my mind melt into my computer while I watch something on Hulu.