Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ethan took the gents swimming today. Jack told me he saw Justin Bieber there. He also told us he saw some old man's butt while they were in the dressing room. And he was giggling about it like a little school girl.

Apparently, I ran over a skunk in my car. First we thought there was a dead animal in the garage, but then we realized the smell was from the car when we got out of the car when we were in a parking garage. So it seems that I ran over a skunk. The inside of my car is fine, but when you get out, oh boy. I took it through the car wash today and it didn't do a thing. So I have a stinky car. Maybe I should just get a new one.

Tonight while cleaning the house, we were listening to music and Lady Gaga came on. Jack has a mysterious crush on her. Ethan and I were talking about how crazy amazing she is. It has taken me a while to get to that point, but I think she is an excellent entertainer. Anyways, we were saying how we would love to go to her concert. And then Jack asked if he could come and we said no. And he said, "Why? Is she going to try and take me away and give me some romance?" Yes Jack, she wants to give you some of her bad romance.

All the while that we were talking about Lady Gaga, Van was prancing around the house chanting, "Lilly Gaga, Lilly Gaga!"