Friday, February 18, 2011

Meatloaf and RPS

Happy Weekend to ME!

Weekends actually mean very little around here. Ethan usually works more on the weekends than on the weekdays and Violet and Van still find it their obligation to get up at their usual weekday hours. But I do like that Jack doesn't have school. And he does too. His Saturdays are usually spent playing army. Big surprise there.

This is a long weekend, with it being Presidents Day on Monday. Lehi City is having a thing on Monday for the holiday and part of the festivities is a Rock, Paper, Scissors contest. And I really am going to make Ethan do it. He thinks he is some kind of RPS wizard. We shall see.

This weekend is also MEATLOAF. I am working on a meatloaf recipe for my cookbook, but mostly to woo my husband. He wants me to work on a meatloaf recipes that will send his taste buds into a stupor. So I will do it. Because I am always competing with my kids for his attention.

We also have visitors this weekend. Sister in-law and her lover. Good! More people for Van and his snotty nose to harass!