Monday, February 21, 2011

Likey like like

I like days like today. And I like that it ended well and bedtime/bath time wasn't a living hell.

I liked that we went swimming at the last minute with Ethan's cousin Sam and his wife Nikki and their daughters.

I like that the shop that was fixing my car was classy enough to bring it back to my house for me when they were done.

I liked that when searching for a last minute dinner solution, I found a whole meatloaf, mushroom brown gravy and some hericot verts in the fridge that I had completely forgotten about.

I like that Jack got a camouflage draping from Aunt Megan today and he spent the early evening hiding around the neighborhood.

Can you find Jack?

I like that our coloring page wall is covered with over 30 coloring pages. And that is thanks to and their free coloring pages and Jack coloring a lot today.

I like that for two nights in a row, we have indulged in after-dinner brownie sundaes. With hot fudge. Homemade. I know, how pretentious am I?

I like that Ethan wore that one black shirt I like. I told him that for my birthday next year, all I want is for him to wear that shirt for one solid week.

I don't like that Ethan had two food tastings tonight and couldn't come swimming with us. But I like that he works hard.

I like that Violet was a bucket of giggles at the swimming pool. And I LOVED how cute her ample thighs and caboose looked in a swimming suit.

I hope I like the rest of the week as much as I liked today.