Thursday, February 10, 2011


Love isn't a battlefield, RSV is a battlefield.

Violet Caroline is sick for the first time. And she is giving it her all by contracting RSV. 

I got the phone call from the nurse this morning with the lab results and she didn't sound chipper. She gave me the results and then told me all sorts of ways for us to combat this nasty virus. Instead of being afraid, I feel like I am suiting up for a battle. I can handle this RSV thing. I can. And I will.

I have convinced myself that I can get Violet to kick this sooner than later by giving her way more attention than she normally gets. Lots of hip-holding and cuddling. Extra long bathes, baby massages and rocking her to sleep. And maybe making sure that all the toys in her room are cleaned up when she goes to bed will help. No? Whatever, it's a shot. 

Everyone, wish me luck. Over and out.