Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vanilla bean cake and snotty faces

Sunday and Violet is on the mend. She has weathered this storm in such a dignified way. Except for the occasional snotty face. Vanny has decided to copy Violet and start hacking and snotting like her, so I stayed home with the two littles from church.

Ethan went to church and taught his primary class. Saint Ethan is catering the Primary Teacher Appreciation Dinner in a few weeks. I know, saint.

Tonight I had a 45 minute phone conversation with Jack's school teacher about some behavioral issues we have been having. Having said that, God answers prayers in a big way. I asked for a good teacher for Jack and I got a good teacher for Jack.

Tonight we had a delightful Sunday dinner. And I got to use my Sundee Silver for the first time. For my birthday, Ethan gave me set of real silverware. The kind that is kept in a fancy case and I will eventually hand down to my daughter. It includes full settings, like 6 pieces per setting and the nice servings pieces. And it's two-toned silver and gold colored, like my wedding ring. We will be used for nice dinners, probably only Sunday. It was such a perfect gift for me.

Anyways, dinner was the most tender roast beef with vegetables and gravy. Yes, this is going to be a cookbook recipe. One that will change your Sunday dinners forever.

I also made a vanilla bean cake with chocolate buttercream. Such a nice way to end a meal and a Sunday. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.