Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunny, but 35 degrees outside. Rude.

Sometimes I think I shouldn't be allowed to type. I miss punctuation and spelling errors ALL OF THE TIME. It makes me look much less intelligent than I am. Like pay attention to me on Facebook late at night. Yowza.

Today we had Stake Conference. Today I chased Van around in heels.

Violet is currently working on 3 teeth on top. 2 on one side and 1 on the other side. She looks like a hillbilly with a missing tooth in front.

Jack is rolling deep in an Angry Birds phase. I am thinking that an Angry Birds hoodie for his birthday will be spot on.

Ethan just worked his barely-there rear off this weekend. He did an event and also did a photoshoot of food for his website. The photos are going to turn out fantastic. I will let you know where they are when we get them back and you can see for yourself.

Happy to say I haven't had a single Girl Scout cookie this year. But I have made it up in other ways. I was doing the discouraged and looking at myself naked in the mirror the other morning. Usually, it's "get out of the shower, dry off fast and get dressed before you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror". But I actually looked at my body and oh boy, it's time to get serious. Maybe swimming? I like swimming. It's a killer workout and you don't get blisters from walking or running. Plus, no one around here swims for exercise. Everyone walks or runs. I hate being like everyone else. So maybe I will swim. But then again, maybe walking or running is why everyone around me is so thin. Dang.