Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow, waffles and valentines

This morning, we woke up to a fluffy layer of snow outside. Jack walked out the door to the bus stop and as he trudged down the driveway, I could see that his red Chuck's weren't going to do it today. So I had him come back and put on ugly snow boots. Everyday as he walks down the street to the bus stop, I keep yelling compliments to him. "You are so handsome! Work hard, you are so smart! You are so fun Jack! I love you!" Sooner than later, he is going to ask me to stop.

Today, I have a goal to have Van wear clothes all day. Usually, he has either asked to put his pajamas back on or is just naked by noon. So far this morning, I have had to put his pants back on 3 times. And it's 9:30. I will most likely fold at some point today.

I made whole wheat waffles for breakfast. And I ate like a pig. Crispy waffles, softened butter and Grade B real maple syrup. You would have eaten like a pig too.

Valentine's is next week. I do the same Valentine's tradition my mom did. Chocolates for breakfast and a love letter to each of my babies. I still have most of the love letters from my parents. Ethan always writes me a love letter on Valentines. If you knew Ethan, you wouldn't think he writes mushy love letters, but he does.

Jack needs to start working on his Valentines for his class. He picked out some Iron Man valentines. I could have done some clever, adorable homemade thing for him to take to class that makes me look like a rockstar mom. But that isn't what he wants. So it's Iron Man.

Jack has a serious crush on a little girl in his class. He has been waiting on her since school started. She keeps messing with his little heart. Everyday, I get the Addie report. "Mom, she told me she likes me now and she will marry me someday." or "Mom, she likes Alex now and not me." Jack never moves on, he just waits for his turn on the Addie roller coaster. His patience is stellar.

Ethan and I often think about what kind of boyfriends our boys will be. We are pretty sure that Van will be a needy boyfriend and the type to cry on his girlfriend's shoulder. He will make her mixed tapes of power ballads and spend his last dime on stuffed animals holding red hearts. At some point, he will get dropped like it's hot and will spend weeks in his room crying.