Thursday, February 3, 2011

This morning while putting away clean laundry, I found some peed-in pajama pants and underwear in Jack's drawer. Pleasant. Poor kid.

I like getting a big cold drink in a styrofoam cup with tiny ice from Sonic. I only ever get drinks from Sonic. When my window is open after I order and I hear the car behind me order 3 sausage breakfast burritos with extra cheese and 2 french toast sticks, I unrighteously judge them. I know, I shouldn't. And even telling you I judge them is wrong. But people, please, let's not eat that crap. Come over to my house, I will make you some real food. And with love all up in it. They don't add love to their food at Sonic.

Sheena shoot yesterday. Looking at my food in her pictures is very intimidating. It give me butterflies when I open up the files when she sends me the pictures. People, we are making a really beautiful cookbook. People, if you only knew the amount of work I have in front of me. It is satisfyingly overwhelming, if that makes any sense.