Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today is my birthday. And Ethan gave me a new car.

I wish.

But he did give me a cute yellow shirt that I am wearing right now.

Birthdays really lose their luster as an adult. I still had to get Jack out the door to the bus stop this morning. I still had to go to the grocery store and I still have a mountain of laundry to fold. But I don't mind. This is my life, and I love it. I love being busy and keeping a household running smoothly. I would like to think I am fairly good at it. Except for how dirty my walls are. I hate cleaning walls.

Just barely, Van peeled a clementine orange all by himself. I am so proud of him. At least he peeled off the orange peel and not his own clothing. He has been doing that lately.

Jack walked right in the door from school and went straight upstairs to put on his army clothes. He finds school a big annoyance and it gets in the way of playing.

I was at the grocery store this morning and nearly dropped $24 on 4 lobster tails. I was so close, but I didn't do it. But maybe I will go back and buy one and eat it after the boys go to bed. Tender, sweet lobster dipped in warm clarified butter. (sigh)