Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Salmon and food shoot

Today is a Sheena shoot day. That means I spend my morning doing some food prep. Sheena tells me she feels bad that I cook all the food. But really, I don't mind a bit. I enjoy it. It also gives me a chance to make the recipe again and make sure it's how I want it. Like last week, there was a soup I made for our food shoot and after it was photographed and I ate it for dinner that night, I realized I needed to change a few things on it. So we will be shooting that one again soon. I am glad I get a chance to make the food again. And it also means I make 2-3 dinners for the rest of the week. One of today's dishes is salmon. And I can't wait to eat it for dinner.

I love seafood. A lot. I didn't know I loved it until after I got married. I really love shrimp. And lobster and crab. And I love love fish. But I am not a giant fan of scallops. Maybe I just need to have them expertly prepared. Whenever I go to Harmon's, I always have to take Van to the seafood counter because he likes seeing the whole fish in the case. But then I notice the cod and the beautiful salmon. And giant prawns. And more often than not, I walk away with a little white paper package of some type of sweet seafood goodness that wasn't on my list in the first place. Someday, I will walk away with some Chilean sea bass. Someday.

Well, off to work on more food prep. Sometime soon, this cookbook will have a name. And then it will have a website and you will be able to see a few sneak peeks of what Sheena has been doing. Beautiful stuff. Really beautiful stuff.