Thursday, March 10, 2011


What a delightful day.

It's warm as can be outside. Not a smidge of snow. A few of my windows are open. And Ethan just pulled his golf clubs out of the garage for a little range time- first time of the season.

Jack is 6 today and off with his Grandma Sue at the army surplus store for a birthday spree. I have plans for a beautiful chocolate layer cake with 6 candles and "Happy Birthday Jack" written on top in green. He has requested pizza for dinner, so pizza it is.

His gifts include a new bike, a few cool books, an Angry Birds sweatshirt and a few monster trucks. I told Ethan last night that buying little boy toys won't last forever. Eventually, they will grow up and want things way less fun. Like iPods and money. Boring. So for now, we give lots of boy things.

On my morning walk today, I was sort of hit in the head with a profound sense of gratitude of where we live and where we are in our lives. Truly, we are watched over. And for most of the day, I just can't seem to shake how I feel about it. But I suppose being thankful for something is a good thought to have all day.