Monday, March 14, 2011


When I was in California, at AMPM, I saw a guy fill his cup 3/4 of the way with Diet Dr. Pepper and then top it off with horchata. I can't stop thinking about how disgusting that is.

Today I fed my children and myself Chikfila for lunch and the regret is flowing freely. So to make up for it, I made teriyaki vegetable stir-fry with brown rice for dinner. Doesn't that cancel out the gross food?

Today Jack told me he knows how to make metal. It had to do with copper, a rock and the oven.

Van is way too good at being two years old. But maybe I should look at it in a more positive way. Like if you are going to have to be two years old, then BE TWO YEARS OLD, right? Really go the second mile. Do it with gumption. Van is giving this age his focus and dedication. I can appreciate that. But I will tell you what- in the morning, when I finish brushing my teeth and I grab my birth control pill, I look at that pill and say, "Oh hell yeah, let's do this thing", because the thought of having another child while Van is giving this two year old thing his all is less than appealing.