Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Jack has an ear infection. Boo. And that means he can't finish swimming lessons. After the doctor's appointment, while Jack was preoccupied with the tropical fish tank, I asked the nurse if this infection means no more swimming lessons and she said yes. My heart sank.

I called Jack and Van to go to the door and I pushed Violet's little umbrella stroller out. We got out into the hall and to the elevator. Jack pushed the button and I said, "Son, we need to talk about something." I broke the news to him. His face got red, his eyes started to fill with tears and his head dropped down. I told him to come over to me and he fell into my arms. He cried and cried. And cried.

We talked about the time when I shattered my two fingers at Lake Powell. I told him how the doctor said I couldn't play soccer with the rest of my friends that fall. I still remember the feeling of my eyes getting hot and red. I cried and cried. But I ended up okay. And Jack will too.

To try and makeup for swimming lessons being no more, I told him we would go to Thanksgiving Point after nap time and ride a horse at Farm Country. And in a snap, he switched gears. He smiled and said, "I can dress up like a cowboy and pretend I am a army cowboy and get the bad guys!"

I think Jack will be just fine.