Thursday, March 24, 2011

I might regret posting this.

I am not a seamstress. I am not a scrapbooker. I am not crafty or creative. I don't take awesome pictures. I don't make my own bread. I do not have a fixation with spring or warm weather. I do not do any graphic design. I don't make any of my accessories or clothing. I don't have a lot of money or a nice car. My rental house has white walls without fancy beadboard or wainscoting. My house is messy, but organized. My garage is a nightmare. My kids rooms are a hodge podge of whatever they want on their walls. My yard won't have a fancy garden this year, just flowers. We don't have any outstanding birthday parties with cute themes and cakes that the kids don't care about ("It's for the pictures!" Lame excuse for a self-indulgent child party). But I can probably cook the pants off of those people. 

It seems that with nearly every "cool" and "inspiring" blog I have the unfortunate opportunity of running into, they are all of these things. And it all is nauseating. Part of my old blogging self feels bad for these people. I know how much time it takes to write posts and be awesome. I know what work goes into it. I know that children and dishes get ignored so you can look amazing online. I think of these things and thank the cosmos above that I am not food blogging anymore.