Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Red, Old Jack

True or false: I caught Van standing in the corner, drawing all over the wall with chalk.

Is it possible to be in love with your car? I am in love with mine. She is 8 years old and is still cruising right along. The other night, Ethan and I were on a mid-week date. (BTW, is there anything as wonderful as an unexpected mid-week date?). While driving Little Red, we talked about how great she is. And I asked, "When was the last time she got a ding?" And Ethan sat there, driving through the rain, trying to remember the last time someone backed her into something. And then I said, "Was it earlier today, when I sort of hit the truck when I pulled out of the driveway?" Why yes, yes it was. Ethan wasn't super happy about it. I mean, I wouldn't say he was ecstatic, but he got over it. One of the best parts of having an old car is that hitting something isn't a big deal.

Today is my dad's birthday. My dad's name is Jack. In the family, my Jack is called Little Jack and my dad is called Old Jack. Old Jack is more generous and compassionate than anyone should be. He lives and breathes work. If he ever retired, what would he do all day? As most people age, they get grumpier. But as my dad is aging, he gets sillier, much like a 13 year old girl. And he thinks my kids are hilarious. He loves stories about my boys. Dad, Happy Birthday. Do something other than work today.